B.One Dual Relay

With the B.One Dual Relay all switchable and non-dimmable electric installations (e.g. lighting, sockets) can be integrated in to a Z-Wave network. It can connect to 2 external manual switches to control the load ON/OFF independently.


Features of B.One Dual Relay:

  1. Z-Wave plus certified for wide compatibility ( 500 series )
  2. Easy installation including wiring & setup
  3. B.One Dual Relay also acts as a Z-Wave signal repeater.
  4. Multiple channels to control your loads

Technical Details

Input Voltage
120~240VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz
Operating Temperature
Operating RH
8 - 80 %
10 Amp (Max)
Radio frequency
Approx.Up to 492 feet (150m) outdoors
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