B.One 16 Amp Smart Socket

B.One 16 Amp Smart Socket is used to turn ON and OFF compatible lights, devices and appliances that are operated with a manual switch. Control lights, devices and appliances and monitor their energy consumption from anywhere. Set ‘schedules’ or ‘Actions’ with your Smartphone using the B.One app.


Features of B.One 16 Amp Smart Socket

  1. CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Turn appliances ON or OFF from anywhere with your smartphone using the B.One app (Compatible with Android & iOS)
  2. VOICE CONTROL: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and supported devices for a hands free experience.
  3. SCHEDULES: Schedule the Smart Socket to automatically switch ON and OFF appliances when away or set an action for controlling many devices with a single button.
  4. SAVE ENERGY: Prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed and based on your geo-location.
  5. AUTO-SHUTOFF: Protects your appliance by turning it OFF when high & low voltages are detected.
  6. ENERGY MONITORING:  Know the actual energy consumption and costs incurred in real time. Monitor current and historical power consumption of your appliance.

Technical Details

Operating Voltage and Frequency
180~260V AC 50Hz
Load Current
16A (Max)
Working & Storage Temperature
Operating: 8° - 50°C, RH < 80% Storage: -20° - 70°C, RH < 80%
Radio Technology
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless Type
Wi-Fi 2.4G only
70 mm x 48 mm x 34 mm
3.8 oz. (110 grams)
For indoor use only